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Karrueche Tran was spotted fuming as she was flashed by photographers in Los Angeles, California in the early hours of June 5, 2015. The model and actress was enjoying a ladies night with her girls at Playhouse Night Club on Hollywood Boulevard, when she ran into her ex, Chris Brown.

Chris reportedly purchased a table while at the venue, that conveniently was right next to the table Tran was sitting at with her gal-pals. Immediately after, Tran abruptly exitied the club and hailed an Uber. Brown followed her out of the club in attempt to talk to her and got in the car beside her. Apparently video footage was captured that shows Tran telling Brown to get out of the car, to which Brown began yelling at Tran’s friend that he would make a scene if she didn’t move. He eventually exited the car.

A few hours later, Brown showed up at Karrueche’s home demanding to speak with her. Police soon showed up at the location. The drama-filled duo then met in a public place a few hours later, NORMS, to have a talk…which inevitably resulted in another fight, followed by Tran leaving yet again. The couple has only been broken up for around 3 months, so I’m sure there is some unfinished business. So much drama!


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